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The key to prolonging a wood-burning fireplace's lifespan is routine maintenance - when the fire is out and the ashes are completely cold, homeowners should remove ashes from the firebox. Hire a home service pro to help solve your fireplace problems.

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Published: 10/30/2017
Not sure if the other reviewers here have the right Lions View. Wonder if they're real... Didn't show up when he said he would--then tried to change the quote mid job. We asked Myles to quote an extension on the original...
Published: 03/31/2017
Mortar of our fireplace chimney above the roof line was cracked and needed repointing. Myles took down the chimney and rebuilt that upper section making it as good as new. Very happy with workmanship and price. Flashing repair was...
Published: 02/04/2017
Myles has done on good job on replacing 3 chimney caps with flashing pans at our house. While removing the first chimney cap, Myles discovered that the flashing pans needed replacement as well (18 years old). As we are the...