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Most appliances come with a standard size, but for appliances that come in various sizes like fridges, it is important to get accurate measurements before shopping for one. When moving appliances, don't forget to lay down some stiff cardboard to protect the floors.

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Published: 03/23/2019
You need to be patient as there is a delay; being based out of th e US. Technician knowledgeable, pleasant, and dog friendly! Booking agent also pleasant and reliable. Overall, very satisfied.
Published: 04/19/2019
Christopher is a very competent and co-operative tradesman and his able and pleasant younger assistant was also very responsive to questions and was very polite and well mannered. All in one day. they did an excellent job of...
Published: 04/03/2019
TEK Climate Heating and Air Conditioning responded right away to our call. Our gas furnace had stopped working in February and we needed it fixed because of the cold weather. Chris stopped by, checked the furnace and found...