Flat, Foam, or Single Ply Roofing Install  in Langely, BC

If you're deciding between flat, foam or single ply roofing, flat roofing is most commonly found in dry areas with very low rainfall. Foam roofing is waterproof and can help improve drainage, whereas single-ply roofing is resistant to UV radiation and can be installed in one layer.

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Recently Reviewed Langely Flat, Foam, or Single Ply Roofing Install 

Published: 08/20/2019
John and his staffs did a great job on my roof. Very satisfied with their work. They showed up 7am in Tuesday morning on time and cleaned up everywhere before they left. Double checked every corner to make sure...
Published: 08/13/2019
Under the direction of Kurt, Robbie and crew removed our old roof and fascia. In removing the fascia they were careful not to damage the soffit. They put on plywood, roofing paper and Malarky shingles. They were...
Published: 08/12/2019
We have a large, older house with a cedar shake roof. We had the south side of the roof replaced by 2 different contractors over the years and now needed the north face replaced. Getting quotes was difficult...