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Contrary to popular belief, glass block walls and windows are actually very secure and difficult to break. They are also known to be more energy efficient than regular basement or bathroom windows. Hire a home service pro to help install glass blocks in your home.

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Published: 11/14/2018
Igor Progect manager showed me his product and I decided to go with this company. The installation was great and the installers was a professional to finish this job. I would definitely recommend Canadian Choice Windows to my...
Published: 11/13/2018
Absolutely fantastic company to say the least. Six windows and a door in less than two days - now that's efficient! Staff is friendly, tons of payment options available including financing. Basically a company for the people, by the people....
Published: 11/12/2018
Two technicians spent a whole day just to install 2 bay windows. They tried their best to make everything perfect and they were proud of their job. Not many companies out there are willing to spent so much time just...