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Although geothermal heating or cooling systems can typically last up to 25 years in the household, experts recommend getting the system serviced at least once a year, so that home service pros can detect issues early on before it leads to costly repairs.

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Published: 12/16/2019
I was recommended to Gary by another contractor that I had used and was impressed from the beginning. Their service was prompt and exceptionally priced. They took great care in all the work they did and cleaned everything...
Published: 01/16/2020
When I saw the following typo (or auto-correction) in Renata's email: ... >Let me know if you anything Seuss with the attachments. >Best, >Renata I knew I could only respond one way: ... >I don’t like Radon in my house >It must...
Published: 01/13/2020
Saw the University of Calgary radon testing project a few years ago. Being British, and knowing that radon can be an issue with homes, ordered the puck with the thought that it would come back close to zero and...