One of the most important yet difficult parts to maintain in your home are the heating and cooling systems. Be it a harsh winter or boiling summer, these internal systems help to maintain the temperature, air quality and ventilation in your home. Be it installing a new system, replacing an old one or repairing the existing system, you can hire a professional heating and cooling expert in Toronto to help you with the task. As it involves dealing with electricity and gas, we highly recommend you hire only a licensed technician instead of trying to fix it by yourself to avoid any damages or injuries.

This cost guide includes cost estimates for some of the most common tasks related to heating and cooling system maintenance in Toronto. The guide is based on 555 verified reviews written by Toronto homeowners on HomeStars. Read on to understand how much these tasks can cost you and some tips to maintain the temperature of your house throughout the year.

Heating & Cooling Costs in Toronto

TaskAverage Cost*Lowest Reported*Highest Reported*
Air Conditioner Installation$4,667$140$14,000
Air Conditioner Repair$323$100$1,300
Furnace Installation$4,985$200$11,000
Furnace Repair$498$100$5,000
HVAC Installation$6,322$120$12,000
HVAC Repair$934$100$4,600

Costs as of January 2021*

Air Conditioner Installation

  • There are four different types of residential air conditioning systems: split air conditioners, heat pumps, packaged central air conditioners and ductless mini-split systems. Based on the size of your house and your requirements, you can choose any one type of system to cool the rooms during summer and spring. The most common type of air conditioning in Toronto is the split system.
  • Generally speaking, installing a new air conditioning system may take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours. If you’re replacing an old system, you have to consider that it may take one whole day to install. Professional experts in Toronto may charge you $4,667 on average to install a new air conditioner in your home.

Air Conditioner Repair

  • There can be many reasons why your air conditioner is not working properly. An expert will have to examine the air conditioner in person to determine the problem and its solution.
  • Air conditioner repair may include dealing with a refrigerant leak, refrigerant recharge and AC compressor repair. A lot of air conditioner problems can be solved by replacing circuit breakers, circuit boards, fuses, relays, thermostats, capacitors or contractors, air compressors, evaporator coil, condensing unit fan motors and condensate pump.
  • You will have to get the exact replacement parts for your air conditioner based on its model and machine type. A local air conditioner expert can find and buy these replacement parts for you to fix the system.
  • It can cost you up to $1,300 excluding any charges for the replacement parts.

Furnace Installation

  • A furnace system blows heated air through ducts in your house to maintain heat during winter and the chilly fall seasons. Furnaces are also known as ducted warm-air or forced warm-air distribution systems.
  • You can choose from electricity, natural gas or fuel oil to power your furnace. One of the most important aspects of any furnace installation is to ensure that it’s connected securely to the thermostat which controls the functions of the furnace.
  • It can cost you up to $11,000 for furnace installation in Toronto.

Furnace Repair

  • The most common furnace repairs are related to the thermostat or the condenser. Faulty wiring, defective thermostat or any technical issues with its programming should be addressed as quickly as possible. Condensers of the furnace are usually located outside of the house. Obstruction or blockages in the heat pump, low refrigeration levels, worn or damaged defrost control boards and faulty timer motors are some of the issues that your condenser may be facing.
  • A local expert will be able to identify and fix the issue charging you anywhere between $100 to $5,000 for the repairs.

HVAC Installation

  • The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, also known as the HVAC system of your home is often regarded as a breathing machine for a healthy house. HVAC experts offer roof-mounted and split system HVAC installation for Toronto homeowners.
  • If you plan to use natural gas as an energy source, the roof-mounted HVAC system is the best option for you. It required a strong roof for installation and may take up to 2 days to install. A split HVAC system is regarded as more efficient as it provides optimal performance in different areas of your house. It can be customized to your needs.
  • Based on the HVAC system you choose and the size of the system, the installation period can cost can differ. If you’re confused about which system to choose or how the installation process will work for your property, you can always talk to an HVAC specialist in Toronto. It can cost you up to $12,000 for HVAC installation.

HVAC Repair

  • Size and replacement parts are two major cost factors in any type of HVAC repair project. If your HVAC system is not built according to the size of your house, it can create performance issues and increase the hydro bill. Also, if you have placed any heavy furniture on top or in front of the vents or ducts, it can hamper the airflow from entering your home.
  • An HVAC specialist in Toronto can examine your ducts and repair the problem. If required, the technician will also change the broken parts. It can cost you up to $4,600 to repair any HVAC problem in Toronto.

Important Things to Remember

  • The cost of installing and repairing the heating and cooling systems can vary based on the season. The HVAC contractors are busy during the summer months so their rates are higher than usual. Be it installing a furnace or air conditioning system, we recommend you do it during the spring as it can be pocket-friendly and will fit in perfectly in your spring cleaning schedule.
  • Cleaning the HVAC system regularly can reduce the chances of any long-term damages and repairs. Make sure you hire a professional cleaning service periodically to clean your furnace, ducts and air conditioning system.
  • Replacing or repairing your heating and cooling systems can be quite expensive. We recommend you make the right choice and choose the appropriate system as per your requirements. A local HVAC expert can help you choose the best type of heating and cooling system for your home as per your budget, size and type of your house.
  • Before purchasing a new system, check the details of its energy efficiency and energy consumption over the years. You don’t want to cut a big utility cheque every month for faulty systems.

Choosing the perfect heating and cooling system for your house can be a huge task. Even the repairs of the system should be done diligently to avoid major damages. You can hire an expert in Toronto for these tasks by reviewing their Star Score, verification badge and homeowner reviews on their HomeStars company profile. The expert will provide you with a custom quote for your heating and cooling system installation or repair project.