Whether you are using your fireplace to stay cozy in winter or using a brick bbq for parties, chimney repair and cleaning will likely feature on your list of home services. Instead of looking up videos online titled, “How to build a chimney”, or browsing through a myriad of brick chimney repair options, hiring a chimney build and repair contractor can help you address all the tasks on your list – from building chimneys to repairing or cleaning them.

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Chimney Build & Repair Project Costs in Toronto

TaskAverage Cost*Lowest Reported*Highest Reported*
Chimney Build & Repair$5,571$100$50,000
Chimney Sweeps$3,400$110$20,000
Fireplace Maintenance$2,954$100$50,000
Fireplace Mantle$4,447$100$50,000

*Costs based on 3,508 verified homeowner reviews as of March 2022

Chimney Build & Repair

  • Whether you are building a chimney or looking into chimney brick repair, chimney crown repair, chimney mortar repair or even masonry chimney repair – a licensed chimney build and repair contractor can help you do all that and much more.
  • From building to repairing – chimney work requires following various regulations which help protect your family’s health, so it’s important to hire an experienced and licensed professional who can check all the boxes.
  • While the actual cost of building or repairing will depend on the customizations you need like chimney spalling repair cost, brick chimney repairs etc. an average chimney build and repair project in Toronto costs approximately $5,571.

Chimney Sweeps

  • Chimney sweeps are certified professionals who use specialized equipment and tools to clean the inside of a chimney and especially the flue of a wood-burning stove or fireplace.
  • If you can smell smoke when lighting the fireplace or see soot or even have trouble keeping the fire lit, it’s likely due to the build-up of gunk and debris inside the chimney and sometimes even creosote, which can be harmful to health. In these circumstances, it’s best to get a chimney sweeping done.

  • The average cost of chimney sweeping in Toronto is approximately $3,400.

Fireplace Maintenance

  • If you fire up your fireplace to stay warm in winter, it’s likely that you need fireplace maintenance. Fireplace chimney repair, chimney cleaning and other such regular maintenance can help keep your chimney and fireplace running for longer.
  • Regular fireplace maintenance can also prevent your chimney from getting clogged or posing health risks to your family. The average fireplace maintenance cost in Toronto was reported to be approximately $2,954.

Fireplace Mantle

  • For your fireplace mantle, there are many things that you might need help with – whether it’s troubleshooting fireplace settings or adding shelves to your mantle. Hiring a licensed fireplace mantle specialist can help you address all these concerns.
  • While the actual cost of a fireplace mantle repair project will depend on the requirements, an average project can cost up to $4,447.

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