Wouldn’t it be great to open your door and find a sparkling clean home inside? A reliable cleaning company can make that dream a reality. You can expect them to take care of all the things you don’t want to do, such as cleaning windows, mopping floors, and dusting shelves. The right cleaning company can take care of many tasks you hadn’t thought of. If you want to know how much it will cost to keep your home sparkling clean, keep reading this cost guide.

Average Costs

On average, the cost of a cleaning company will come in around $216, with most homeowners spending anywhere between $150 and $304. Cleaning companies usually charge by the hour or by square footage. Per hour costs can range between $64 and $116. This cost often includes multiple cleaners. The cost of cleaning by square footage will depend on the size of your house. For an area less than 1,000 square feet you can expect to pay around $115. For a 3,000 square foot home you can expect to pay closer to $323.

Before you hire, ask the company if they offer a first-time cleaning by square foot. This will allow the cleaners to better determine how long it will take to clean and if there are any special requirements for cleaning your home. For a typical single family home, this will cost you around $168. A typical single-family apartment will cost around $129.

How often you have the house cleaning service done will affect your cost, if you get it done from the same company. Depending on the frequency, you may be able to save some money, around $6 to $12 per cleaning. Ask the company if there are further discounts by paying for multiple cleanings upfront or by signing a contract for long-term service. This could end up saving you approximately $64 to $258 in the long run.

You can also hire a cleaning company for a one-time service. This is useful if you’re throwing a party (or cleaning up after one) or getting your home ready for viewings when selling. A one-time cleaning for a typical sized home can cost between $258 and $388.

Independent Operators vs Companies

There are many types of cleaning companies to choose from. They can range from individual people operating on their own to corporations with nationwide services. Before you decide which to go with, you should be aware of the differences and the services they do and do not provide.

Independent Operators

Independent operators are typically people who are looking to make some extra money by cleaning homes. This could be their full-time profession or something they do on the side. Because they do not work for a larger company, they often will charge less and rates can be negotiated. Some independent operators will charge as little as $11 an hour, but this cost is ultimately up to them. It is rare that they will require a contract and changes to your cleaning schedule are usually not a problem. Ask for references to find out more about the quality of their work and professionalism.

Professional Cleaning Companies

Professional companies are bonded, licensed and insured. They cost more, usually around $32 to $58 per person per hour. Most companies will require a contract and may or may not be able to accommodate last-minute schedule changes. The advantage of using a professional company is that you are not relying on one person. Should the regular cleaner that comes to your house become sick, there will be someone else available to cover. When deciding on a company, be sure to get quotes from multiple ones and read their HomeStars reviews first.

What to Expect

If you’ve never hired a cleaning company before, you might not be sure what to expect. Most standard cleaning companies will provide the following services:

  • Vacuuming your floors
    This may or may not include polishing them.
  • Dusting surfaces
    Antiques may cost you more depending on how fragile they are or if special cleaners must be used.
  • Scrubbing floors, sinks, and countertops
    If you have old or damaged grout a cleaner cannot repair this.

There are certain tasks that companies will not do. The most common chores cleaning companies will not do include:

  • Doing the dishes.
  • Washing your laundry.
  • Washing walls.

You can always speak to your company about these services if you really need them done. Keep in mind that these tasks may come at an additional cost.

Remember that a cleaning company is not there to pick up after you. If your floor is cluttered with toys, books and games, your cleaner will not be able to vacuum it. If you hire an independent cleaner, they may perform this task but it will take more time and therefore will cost you more.


The average cost of an hourly rate for a cleaning company is between $32 to $116 per individual or $64 to $116 per hour. The size and condition of your home will greatly impact the price of these services.

You can expect to pay the following rates for these services:

Single-family homes $155-$193
Window treatments $129-$258
Walls & ceilings $193-$387
Furniture & upholstery $129-$193

While most cleaning companies will need to see what needs cleaning before giving you a quote, here are approximate costs for common tasks and some extras:

  • 900 sq. ft. 2-bedroom apartment, 5 rooms

    • One-time cleaning – $103-$258
    • Bi-weekly cleaning – $77-$161
  • 1300 sq. ft. single-story home, 7 rooms

    • One-time cleaning – $129-$387
    • Bi-weekly cleaning – $109-$200
  • 2200 sq. ft. two-story 3-bedroom home, 9 rooms

    • One-time cleaning – $193-$517
    • Bi-weekly cleaning – $129-$232
  • Window cleaning, interior – $5-$9 per window
  • Refrigerator cleaning (including removing and replacing items) – $45-$130
  • Oven cleaning – $38-$45
  • Move-In/Move-Out – $245-$426

How Residential Cleaning Rates are Determined

If you are only having one room cleaned it is more cost effective to be charged by the hour. However, if you need multiple rooms cleaned, it is better to be charged by square foot. Other factors that may affect your rate include:

  • Cleaning frequency
  • Pets in the house
  • Variety of surfaces to clean
  • Specialty cleaning (windows, furniture)
  • Number of people cleaning

How To Estimate The Cost

There are many factors that come into play when paying for the services of a cleaning company. Below is a list of the most factors that will help you better estimate your costs.

  • 1. Determine the Number of Rooms to be Cleaned
    First, make a list of all the rooms in your house you want to be cleaned. Consider how long it would take you to clean all of those rooms yourself. While professional cleaners will work faster, this is a good way to get a general estimate of how much you can expect to pay. Keep in mind that the more rooms that need to be cleaned, the more expensive the cost will be.
  • 2. Count the Number of Bedrooms
    Cleaning companies use the number of bedrooms to get an idea of the occupancy and usage of your home. The more people living in your home generally means there will be more mess. For example, a large house with only two bedrooms will generally not require as much work as a small house with four bedrooms.
  • 3. Count the Number of Bathrooms
    Bathrooms are one of the most involved rooms to clean and often require the harshest cleaners. Bathrooms also require specific cleaners for specific tasks. You wouldn’t use the same product to clean your toilet as you would your sink and shower. All of this needs to be taken into consideration when hiring a cleaning company.
  • 4. Decide On Cleaning Products
    Most cleaning companies will ask you to supply your own cleaning products or ask that you pay for theirs. If you want a specific type of cleaner used you need to make this clear from the start. If the company provides the cleaning product, there will be different costs for standard products versus environmentally-friendly and non-toxic products. In general, eco-friendly cleaners will cost more. If you want to ensure that only green products are used, you should supply them.
  • 5. List Any Special Circumstances (allergies, antiques, and/or pets)
    It is important that you let your cleaners know if you have any allergies, antiques or pets. This information will impact the overall cost, as special cleaners may need to be used and certain precautions may need to be made.
    If you have pets, particularly dogs, you must let the company know. Dogs can be very protective of their homes and special arrangements may need to be set up to contain them when the cleaners are in your home. Cats need special arrangements as well so that they do not escape while the cleaners are working. It’s also important you let the company know in case any of their workers have animal allergies. Let the company know ahead of time so that they can arrange for someone without allergies to work on your home.

  • 6. Determine Difficult to Access Areas
    If you have difficult areas to access, such as vaulted or high ceilings or high up windows and shelving, the company may have an extra charge associated with anything that requires the use of a ladder. Factor these areas into your overall costs.
  • 7. Are You In the Right Area?
    It’s most cost effective to hire a company that services your area. Some companies will charge an additional fee if your home is outside of their service area. The of cost home cleaning services varies widely and can be influenced by a number of factors such as the remoteness of your home, the workload, and the cost of gas. Be sure to ask the company about their service area when obtaining a quote.

Now that you have a better idea of what factors can affect the cost of hiring a cleaning company, you can confidently reach out to companies and compare their quotes to your own estimate. Be sure to let them know of any special requests or concerns. When you’re ready to hire a cleaning company, start on HomeStars and receive multiple quotes from reputable companies in your area for free today!