Did you know that cleaning your ducts and vents every 1 to 5 years can help airflow and increase energy efficiency? While the cost to clean ducts and vents might sound high at first, the benefits to homeowners, –especially those sensitive to allergens, –is worth it. When it comes to duct cleaning, the size of your ductwork, the degree of contamination and ease of access will affect the price. Find out the average cost of air duct cleaning in this cost guide.

Duct Cleaning

Average Cost of Duct Cleaning

The average cost of duct cleaning is $472, or between $351 and $625. As with many services, the bigger and dirtier the project is, the more you can expect to pay. When a professional duct cleaner comes to assess the needs of your system, they will consider:

  • The size of your ductwork
  • The degree to which it is contaminated
  • The ease with which they can reach various parts of the system

Residential vs. Commercial Duct Cleaning

Unsurprisingly, the average cost of cleaning residential and commercial ducts are very different. This is because commercial air ducts are often larger and more extensive than the average home. Residential cleanings can cost an average of about $26-$39 per vent.

For commercial buildings, service providers must do an estimate of your space before they can provide an accurate quote. Before factoring in the materials and the number A/C and furnace units, you can expect a commercial project to cost at least $45-$65 per hour.

Removing Mold and Mildew

Having to remove mold and mildew can increase the cost of your overall cleaning. The cost of mildew removal is around $1 per square foot, on top of your initial cost. Removing these elements involves added time, special equipment and even special chemicals. In fact, you may be referred to a specialist if the mildew and mold is too severe.

Custom Designed Costs

Most residential air duct systems are installed in a predictable fashion so there are no surprises for the cleaning crew. However, if your system has been custom-designed, involves extra components and has features which are difficult to access, you can expect a higher quote. This is due to the added work and time which will have to be put into the project.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Costs

If you’re already having your ducts cleaned you should consider also having your dryer vent cleaned. A clogged dryer vent could lead to a less energy efficient system. Even worse, you could be increasing the risk of a fire in your home. The average cost of a dryer vent cleaning is about $170.

AC and Furnace Cleaning

AC Cleaning Costs

Duct cleaning involves more than just cleaning the ducts themselves. Your air conditioning unit and or furnace must also be addressed during the cleaning. Maintaining these components is key to improving the overall efficiency. Below are the average costs of cleaning these components.

Type of A/C Cost Per Unit
Central Unit (ext) $9 – $17
Central Unit (int/ext) $37 – $79
Swamp Cooler (int) $39 – $132
Swamp Cooler (ext) $15 – $39
Wall Mount (ext) $8 – $26
Wall Mount (ext/int) $26 – $59
Window Mount $6 – $26
Column Column
Window Mount (ext/int) $26 – $59

Furnace Cleaning Costs

A complete cleaning service should include all aspects of your ductwork to maximize energy efficiency and air quality. This includes items such as the heat exchanger, blower, drain pan, plenum and coils as well.

Type of Furnace Cost Per Unit
Floor $22 – $52
Forced Air $15 – $39
Overhead $25 – $59
Wall $11 – $39

Evaporator and Condenser Coils

The average cost of having evaporator and condenser coils cleaned is between $132 and $529. If your coils are in an easy to access place, your cost will be lower. If the technician needs to remove them first, then the cost will be higher, closer to $400. Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your system. Excessively dirty coils will result in your system having to work harder. It’s important to maintain these items so that your system works well and you are not faced with having to replace your evaporator coils, a cost that could run you anywhere from $859 to $1587.


What is Air Duct Cleaning?

When you hire a professional cleaner to clean your ducts and vents, this means they will clean all the different elements that are apart of your HVAC system. This includes the supply and return ducts, grilles, diffusers, exchangers, heating units & cooling systems, drip pans, fans and the air handling unit.

When these elements are not properly maintained and sanitized, they can build up dust, pollen, and mold. When your air conditioner or heater turns on, these spores are released into the air for you to inhale. While some are less harmful, people who suffer from allergies or sensitivities will react to these spores. Mold is dangerous for anyone to be around and should be avoided with regular maintenance.

Is Cleaning Air Ducts Worth It?

If you have family members who suffer from allergies or have a reaction to air conditioning turning on, this could be an indication there is something in your ducts making them react. A simple cleaning could help them with their symptoms.

Here are some clear signs that you need to call a pro:

  • You have insulated ducts that are hard to access
  • Recurring mold growth
  • Rats or other vermin are crawling in them, or the presence of their droppings
  • Dust or debris can be seen in the air
  • Visible mold
  • Recent construction

Can I DIY Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning is a large undertaking and is best left to the professionals. A do-it-yourself approach will only scratch the surface as it is hard to reach a fair amount of the ventilation running throughout your home. Only a professional can guarantee your system is truly spotless.

What Does Duct Cleaning Include?

A professional cleaning will involve getting the dust and debris outside of your home, so outdoor ventilation equipment will be used. Ideally, the company should be using good quality equipment. If not, they could be spreading the spores into your home and could further agitate sensitive family members. If mold is found in your unit, you will need to book a separate appointment with a mold professional to asses the situation and remove the mold. Be sure to read reviews and check references when hiring.

To maintain healthy air quality in your home, it’s important you have your ducts cleaned by a professional company. It is recommended you have your ducts cleaned every three to five years. The frequency of cleanings should increase if you have pets, young children, or family members with allergies. Breathe easy and let the professionals take care of the rest.