Landscaping is much more than mowing your lawn or adding a couple of plants in your backyard. Landscaping provides you with an opportunity to transform a bare space into a beautiful green space full of colours and functionality. You can add a variety of plants, create an interlocking brick path, install a patio and add a sprinkler system to your front and back yards while maintaining the balance of nature. Well-designed landscaping projects can increase the value of your house and bring you closer to nature. You won’t be just investing in plants and rocks but your own, personalized nature retreat right in your backyard. We recommend you refer to this cost guide when planning your landscaping project as it will provide you with a basic guideline for some of the most common landscaping tasks in Calgary. This guide is based on 451 verified reviews written by Calgarians on HomeStars. You can also ask a local landscape developer to provide you with a custom quote and timeline for your landscaping project.

Landscaping Costs in Calgary

TaskAverage Cost*Lowest Reported*Highest Reported*
Interlocking Brick$14,500$4,000$25,000
Lawn Care$284$100$1,500
Patio Installation$6,833$5,000$10,000
Sod Installation$1,470$140$2,800
Sprinkler System Installation$4,500$3,000$6,000
Tree Trimming$772$200$2,400
Yard Cleanup$225$115$320

Costs as of January 2021*

Interlocking Brick

  • Interlocking bricks are a popular choice among Calgarians for walkways, driveways, patios and around the pool designs. They are durable, easy to install, low maintenance and increase the value of your house. Interlocking bricks are available in different sizes, styles, patterns and designs. You can choose a particular type of interlocking brick suitable to the overall landscape, colour-scheme and exterior design of your house.
  • You can hire a professional landscape developer to measure the area you want to cover and help you choose the right type of interlocking brick for your front or back yard. It can cost you around $14,500 on average to install interlocking bricks in Calgary.


  • Planning and executing a landscaping project can prove to be a challenging task considering the research it requires. You can start by making a list of your requirements and then plan your front and back yard accordingly. You have to choose plants, flower beds, trees, construction materials, grass type, rocks, patio furniture to name a few tasks. Additionally, you have to consider the extreme weather conditions of Calgary when planning your outdoor space. The furniture and plants should be able to withstand snow and heat or you have to plan a seasonal landscape.
  • If you hire a professional landscape developer to help you plan the project, you won’t have to worry about research, securing the material and coordinating with different teams. A residential landscape project can cost you up to $50,000 in Calgary.

Lawn Care

  • Lawn care is essential to maintain the soil quality, your property’s outdoor appearance and to protect surface water. You have to regularly water and mow the lawn to maintain its healthy longevity. You can hire a professional lawn maintenance company to fertilize, run soil maintenance and pest control on your lawn to prevent any damages by rodents or bugs. A healthy lawn is the best place to enjoy various recreational activities within the bounds of your property. It can cost you up to $1,500 for periodic lawn maintenance in Calgary.

Patio Installation

  • A well-built patio in your backyard can increase the value of your property, utilize the empty space and provide you with a space to host your summer parties or fall gatherings. Patio installation is mainly considered as a construction job under any landscaping project. You can hire a professional landscaping company to build your patio of any material of your choice.
  • Hiring a professional to build your patio will ensure a safe construction process, creative ideas will be adapted in the installation process and you will save a lot of time and effort on the research and development of your patio installation project. Based on the size of your project and its complexity, it can cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in Calgary.

Sod Installation

  • In Calgary, the best time to lay sod in your lawn is from late spring to early fall. This gives you ample time to water and preserves the sod before harsh winter begins. For sod installation, you will need to clear and level the ground by removing big rocks, roots and existing grass. After that, measure the ground, purchase sod rolls and lay them tightly next to each other. Finally, you will have to trim and prune the sod to make sure that it doesn’t look artificial. Sod installation can reduce soil erosion and improve the aesthetics of your house exterior.
  • It can cost you $1,470 on average for sod installation in Calgary.

Sprinkler System Installation

  • Garden irrigation is one of the most important factors to ensure your landscape’s longevity and healthy life. You can install a sprinkler system to provide a regular water supply to your lawn every day, multiple times. It saves water, time and energy in the process.
  • Based on the size of the area you wish to cover, a new sprinkler system can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 in Calgary.

Tree Trimming

  • To enhance the life and beauty of your trees, it’s important to hire professionals for seasonal tree trimming. When it comes to tree trimmings, precision is extremely important as you don’t want to harm the good parts of your tree or make any mistakes that can cost you the whole plant.
  • Professional tree trimmers in Calgary can help you with various tree trimming tasks such as tree sculpting, pruning, removal and planting. Tree trimming can cost you up to $2,400 in Calgary.

Yard Cleanup

  • Based on the season you choose for a complete yard clean-up, the tasks in this service may differ. In winter, yard cleanup professionals will remove snow, clean any debris caused by melting ice and protect your landscape. In spring it will be mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs and plants, removing branches and clutter from the yard. If you have a lot of debris stacked up in your yard, we recommend you get rid of it to avoid any health and safety risks.
  • Professional yard cleanup can cost you up to $320 in Calgary.

Factors Impacting Landscaping Costs in Calgary

Size of Property

  • The whole area you wish to develop in a beautiful landscape is a primary cost-affecting factor when it comes to budgeting a landscaping project. Your landscape developer will measure the property and then plan your landscape as per your base budget. The bigger property, the more expensive it will be to develop it.

Features Added

  • Making your landscape customized as per your needs is the primary job of a landscape developer. Based on your ideas and requirements, the developer will add various features to your landscape. It can be a fountain or a beautiful outdoor seating arrangement. The more particular features you add, the more expensive it will be to arrange it and build it.

Materials and Plants

  • A local landscape developer can arrange for landscaping materials such as stones, wood, soil and various plants, shrubs and trees to beautify your landscape. The quality and quantity of materials and plants will differ based on the size of your property and your overall budget. Very specific types of materials and plants can cost you more than more common ones.


  • Regular maintenance of your landscape like trimming, soil management, fertilization, pest control, yard cleanup and lawn care can improve its quality. You can hire professional services in Calgary for these tasks twice or thrice a year. When you plan your landscaping project with your developer, make sure you discuss the details of the yearly maintenance and understand the extra costs involved.

HomeStars has made it easy for you to reach out to local landscape developers who can understand your vision and requirements in creating your garden. You can find a pro landscape developer on HomeStars by reviewing their Star Score, verification badge and homeowner reviews. You can also get a custom quote from various landscaping companies to help you make the right hiring decision.