Whether you’re re-flooring your house or installing floors in a brand new home, flooring projects can be overwhelming. As they are time-consuming and expensive, homeowners take a lot of time to make flooring decisions as they don’t wish to work on flooring projects every year. From planning, purchasing materials to installing the floors, the whole process requires a professional team of workers. Any flaws or missing steps in the process can cost you. That’s why we recommend you hire a local professional flooring expert in Edmonton to complete your flooring project.

In this cost guide, we have compiled the average, lowest and highest reported costs for various flooring tasks in Edmonton. These costs are based on the 756 verified homeowner reviews written on HomeStars from Edmonton homeowners. Refer to this guide to estimate costs and understand the process of choosing a flooring option for your project. You can also ask a local expert to give you a custom quote for your project.

Flooring Costs in Edmonton

TaskAverage Cost*Lowest Reported*Highest Reported*
Basement Flooring$7,375$1,000$15,000
Carpet Flooring$1,075$700$1,400
Cork Flooring$4,250$4,250$4,250
Kitchen Flooring$9,000$8,000$10,000
Laminate Flooring$3,445$101$9,840
Tile Flooring$5,083$3,000$9,000
Vinyl Flooring$2,750$1,500$4,000
Wood Flooring$7,722$500$27,000

Costs as of December 2020*

Basement Flooring

  • Basement floors are often neglected or only considered if homeowners decide to convert their basement into an office or a guest room. Irrespective of the usage, having strong and good quality flooring in your basement is very important.
  • Basements are cold and their cemented floors can easily harbour moisture which may lead to mold. Dealing with mold problems can be more expensive and exhausting than installing new flooring.
  • You can install laminate or simple vinyl flooring to cover your basement floor. Make sure that the flooring is water-resistant and warmer on the feet.
  • Based on the size of the basement, it can cost you up to $15,000 to install basement flooring in Edmonton.

Carpet Flooring

  • There are various types, textures, colours, designs and patterns of carpets to choose from for your flooring. Carpet floorings are very easy to install, softer on your feet, and their cushioning effect can absorb loud sounds. They are ideal for houses with children and pets.
  • Based on the utility of the room and other factors, you can choose a nylon, polyester or wool carpet. There are many dust resistant and allergen-friendly carpets available in the market as well.
  • It can cost you anywhere between $700 to $1,400 to install carpet flooring in your home.

Cork Flooring

  • Cork flooring is one of the most sustainable, environment-friendly and noise-absorbent surfaces to choose from various flooring materials. Its texture helps to keep the house warm and maintain the temperature even in the harshest winters of Edmonton. It’s safe, durable and repels allergens such as mold, dust, dirt and others.
  • Based on the surface area, it can cost you approximately $4,250 to install cork flooring in Edmonton.

Kitchen Flooring

  • As kitchens are the hardest working rooms in any house, it’s important to have kitchen flooring that is sturdy, spill-proof, easy to clean and comfortable on your feet. It should be able to withstand various types of food spills and messes. It should be durable, moisture-resistant and easy to maintain.
  • Homeowners in Edmonton popularly choose vinyl or tile flooring for their kitchen. You can choose the texture, colour and style which is consistent with your kitchen cabinets. A local flooring expert can help you pick the right type of flooring for your kitchen as per your requirements.
  • It can cost you up to $10,000 for new kitchen flooring in Edmonton.

Laminate Flooring

  • Laminate flooring is easy to install and is available in multiple colours and textures. It’s known as a budget-friendly flooring option that looks very rich and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Many homeowners prefer laminate flooring for their entry hallways, dining rooms, kitchen and sunrooms. It can cost you $3,445 to install laminate flooring in your home.

Tile Flooring

  • Tile flooring is ideal for the kitchen, small dining areas, bathroom, landscaping and backyards. You can choose a porcelain tile, glass, ceramic tile or stone as per the overall design of your home.
  • Tiles are easy to clean and maintain in all seasons. There are many allergen-friendly and mold-resistant flooring tiles available in the market as well. You can easily install tiles on a flat surface using special adhesives.
  • A professional tile flooring expert can charge you up to $9,000 for your tile flooring project.

Vinyl Flooring

  • Vinyl flooring is available in sheets, tiles and planks format for easy installation. You can choose a particular type based on the texture or design you choose for your vinyl flooring.
  • Vinyl flooring is made from synthetic material. Its fibreglass base layer is coated with PVC and plasticizer. This makes the vinyl flooring durable, noise-resistant and waterproof. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.
  • It can cost you between $1,500 to $4,000 to install vinyl flooring in your home.

Wood Flooring

  • Wood flooring may seem expensive but it has many benefits attached to it. It’s highly durable and with proper maintenance, can last for decades in your house. It increases the value of a property as well.
  • You can choose an engineered hardwood flooring or natural hardwood flooring. Both of these wood floorings are water-resistant and can improve the air and light quality of your house.
  • Installing wood flooring can take a significant amount of time. It requires experience in carpentry and woodwork. A local flooring expert can help you buy wood planks of your choice for your floors.
  • Based on the total area of your house you wish to cover, it can cost you up to $27,000 to install wood flooring in Edmonton.

Important Things to Remember

  • To make any decisions related to your flooring project, you have to consider various aspects such as your timeline, budget, areas in your home you want to cover, foot traffic, and any specific allergies of family members. Based on these factors you can decide which type of flooring you want, its texture, style and design.
  • If you’re planning to re-floor your entire house, you can choose different types of flooring options for different rooms. Tiles for kitchen and bathroom, carpet for basement, vinyl for hallways, hardwood floors for living room, dining room and bedrooms. There are many possibilities with so many options available. If you’re confused about which one to choose, you can always ask a local flooring company to help you with the decision making process. The experts will understand your needs and requirements and provide you with the right flooring type.
  • As flooring projects can be expensive and time-consuming, we recommend you don’t make any decisions without being thorough. Whether choosing a pro for the job or purchasing material for the project, remember that to compare the costs. You can ask various local pros to provide you with a custom quote on HomeStars and choose one that best fits your needs. Even for purchasing material, you can compare costs with different online and local retail stores before paying for an invoice.
  • Similar to many home improvement projects, flooring projects also include overhead costs such as labour and materials. Before your contractor starts the work, make sure you discuss the possibility of overhead charges to avoid any surprises at the end.

Flooring projects can get very overwhelming considering the amount of planning it requires. Execution of the project can become even tedious as you may have to manage many people, take measurements, procure materials and install it properly. Unless you have thorough knowledge and understanding of floor installation, this job can get very difficult. That’s why HomeStars gives you the option of choosing your own flooring contractor by checking their Star Score, verification badge and homeowner reviews on their HomeStars company profile. You can make a hiring decision after comparing custom quotes from different local contractors.