Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd

Apr 25, 2010, Toronto

Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd
59 Bramalea Rd
L6T 2W7

I thought I would take a few moments to express my utmost satisfaction with this company. This is the second time I have turned to Brampton Flooring (namely their highly qualified John Nika) to perform a project of installing hardwood floors in my condo. I am not surprised (because the first time they did work for me was also outstanding) but again the end result was fantastic. As a whole the employees and agents directly affliated with Brampton Hardwood Flooring were very professional and courteous. They listened to me and my concerns and were able to answer all my queries. I would like to thank Rick [last name removed--Ed] of Continental Flooring, Joe of Brampton Hardwood Flooring and of course the ever so wonderful John [last name removed--Ed]. These gentlemen were all a pleasure to deal with, work with and ultimately I had to share my experience not only with my friends, family and co-workers but also with the general public who are always looking for professional, dependable and reliable contractors. I am extremely pleased and would not hesitate to recommend using this company for any job you may have (large or small) because they really do care about the end result. They are proud of their workmanship, they are very talented, they are clean and tidy, very organized and extremely professional. Thank you again gentlemen for all your work! Great Job! John 416-844-0662 Brampton Hardwood Flooring 1-866-450-6268 or 905-450-6268

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