Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd

Jan 21, 2010, Mississauga

Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd
59 Bramalea Rd
L6T 2W7

Never have I had an experience like the one I have been going through with Brampton Hardwood Flooring. I bought and paid for laminate flooring on Dec. 15, 2009. The full order (51 boxes) wasn't in stock but I was told that it was due to arrive the "next week" so I took 21 boxes with me at the time although I was charged for the full order. Well the back order didn't arrive until a few weeks later so I phoned and spoke to John asking him to make sure the order was put aside and that I would pick it up on the Friday evening. He told me that it wasn't necessary to put it aside and that I would be loaded and on my way in 10 minutes or so. When I arrived to pick up the order he came and told me the flooring was out of stock. They had sold the flooring to someone else even though I had already prepaid the order. I am still sitting here without flooring over a month later and it hasn't arrived yet but the story I get from them is that it is on the way (once again). Oh and by the way keep calling to check on my order (unbelievable customer service for their total screw ups) I have never dealt with such an un-ethical company in my many years of interactions that this is causing so I suggest that you should be very careful with these people.I have always had the trust in people that when I pay for something I receive it without the stress and anxiety that this is causing. I will update the review "if and when" I get my order although it is now Jan. 21.and they say it should be here soon but just keep calling to check ( unbelievable).

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