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51 Delta Pk BRAMPTON , ON L6T 5E7

The Limited Edition Glass Works Inc

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Reviews for The Limited Edition Glass Works Inc

Aug 05, 2010, Aurora


This company was contracted by a door manufacturer to create sidelights for my front entrance. The door manufcaturer was terrible to deal with, however this company went out of their way to address the issue with the manufacturer. The manufacturer advertised the sidelights as having a privacy rating of 8/10 (10 being opaque) this was important as my front door is close to the sidewalk. I originally inquired about a style that was 9/10 but they said it wasn't very appealing. Sidelights arrive and the glass is see opaqueness..Door Manufacturer says 'too bad', have to escalate to co-owner of the company to get them to take responsibility. Glass company invites me to come by and pick up samples of more obscure glass that can be used as 3rd pane, they will replace it. Battle continues with manufacturer of the door, but finally they agree and if I can get everything back to them Aug. 3rd we'll push for Aug. 6th. Glass company doesn't get the sidelights until the 6th due to the manufacturer not delivering them (no explanation as to why) Glass company planned work based on my call Tues., is ready to go, and will work to have them done by 3pm Friday, and will even arrange for special pick up on Sat. for installation. BUT can't get door manufacturer to pick them up...'no way' they can get a truck to pick them up and turnaround and deliver for installation. Unfortunately the glass company will have rushed their work for nothing...Maybe one day I'll see the sidelights installed. IF I ever need custom glass work done - this is the company to work with!!

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know who all the suppliers are, take the time to investigate their customer service, and reputation... As much as you might be attracted to something, getting what you're looking for, promises have to be met with action.

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