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Aug 19, 2011, York

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We live in a rented condo townhouse on the ground level. We have the air-conditioning unit & the mechanical room on the outside. There had been a water leak right underneath the front door & by the outside porch, & this going on made the front of our house look really ugly. after a while, nearly 2 years ago , a lot of mold started to grow inside our bedroom walls & made breathing difficult & made my girlfriend, my dog & myself very very sick. Once we complained to our landlord, he sent someone to simply paint over the mold, so needless to say the mold kept on coming back. after this had repeated for a few times,, we took the landlord to the court, & so he ripped the walls completely & put new drywalls. but again about three months ago, the leak started to spread again, & this time inside the house got wet & all the hardwood flooring started to bubble up, causing my girlfriend to fall & injure herself. & of course the mold was back as well. This time, my landlord tried to blame the whole situation back on us, billing me with thousands of dollars in repairs, saying that we moved the air-conditioning line from the drain in the mechanical room, where as I was confident that the cause must be something else. Hence I began to search on google for experts on this matter & I came across AccuStar. & boy, am I happy to find them. The approach was super professional from the first moment on the telephone, They even gave me a discount once I explained the it is a very small house & that I don't have a lot of money. On the inspection they, when they sent a gentleman to figure the problem out, I was more impressed with him being precisely on time, well mannered & know exactly what he's doing & what to look for, I was also very impressed with their equipments i.e the infrared camera's & heat & moist detectors. In just under 25 minutes, he was able to detect that the leak is coming from the hot water tank, he was even able to show me where exactly the water was dripping, & recorded a video of it. By just the next day, & this was critical for me since I had a short time frame to present this, he gave me a 19 page thorough report along with a video of the problem & that had really helped me solve the issue with my bad landlord. I couldn't be happier.

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