Eureka Assembly & Installation Inc.

Jun 10, 2011, Toronto

2011-best-of.jpg Eureka Assembly & Installation Inc.
15 Kensington Ave

First Class Service. I hired Eureka after finding them in a search engine. No friend recommendation. No prior knowledge. Boy, was that a good decision. BRAVO!! to Eureka Assembly for their: arriving on time, thoroughness, professionalism, work ethic ,and being a complete pleasure to work with,. In the span of a few hours, my cabinets were aseembled glued, set in place, secured to each other and affixed to studs in the wall. They cleaned up after themselves and completely respected my space house, and time. They even vacummed up the dead leaves which had fallen from my houseplant. If you have something to be assembled, do yourself a favour: Forget the rest and hire the best: EUREKA. It really is that simple. Thank you Peter and Robin.

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I was a little nervous when I didn't get a confirming email the day before the work(I did get an email confirmation on booking) was to be done, because I booked a month ahead of time and then left on vacation. I had no need to worry. At 10:01, they weren't there for the 10 am appt. and I was wondering if I shpuld call. No need. I looked outside and they were asssembling their equipment on the front steps and were just about to ring the bell. I wish all worker were this prompt. Short of walking on need to improve.

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