Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc

Oct 08, 2009, North York

Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc
309 Horner Avenue

I have waited a very long time to renovate my master bedroom closet and I wanted it to be perfect. I first went to a custom cabinetry company and didn't proceed with them due to terrible customer service. I then went to Komandor as I was looking for an 'upscale' closet company. I faxed their sales rep, Gabriel, a floor plan. He produced a workable draft and we then met in their rather basic showroom. The plan underwent several revisions and Gabriel was patient, understanding of what I was trying to achieve, and able to offer many great suggestions. The use of a 3D software program allowed me to visually 'step' into the room before I proceeded with the work. It was extremely helpful to be able to see the cabinetry this way. The manufacturing time was shorter than anticipated too. The installation took two weeks as Komandor builds the closets on site rather than bringing in pre-made boxes. The workers were neat, polite and produced great work. The result is a very high quality, custom-built room. The closet is now like a filing cabinet for clothes with a place for everything and we are thrilled with the results. Any requested adjustments were made promptly and without complaint. I have no doubt that I could have found a cheaper company but I am equally sure that the quality would not have approached what we got from Komandor. For an important closet, this is a great company.

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