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Mar 23, 2012, Mississauga

N. York Kitchen 30b 310-RENO Design & Renovation
905 273 6682
4 Robert Speck Pky

My partner and I contacted 310-RENO because they were recommended by a friend who had them design and build their kitchen. Mike came by one evening for a consultation and was super nice while he has chatting with us and recording our crazy list of likes and dislikes. It only took him a few days to come up with plans and a quote. 310-RENO came in around the mid-point in terms of pricing, as there were some estimates that were quite a bit less and some that were remarkably high. Though we were hoping to pay less, we chose 310-RENO and we are happy we did. The installers were clean, kind and worked hard to get our kitchen finished beautifully and quickly. It's now been almost half a year and everything still looks great and works perfectly. We get compliments each and every time we have company and Mike has gotten a few projects from our friends and family because of the fine showroom kitchen they built for us (hint hint; I smell commission). These guys are awesome, they're friendly, reliable and do amazing work. I would not consider using anyone else for our master ensuite renovation (which is coming up this year; just a heads up Mike). Keep up the great work guys!

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