Troy Transportation Moving and Storage

Dec 15, 2011, Calgary

Troy Transportation Moving and Storage
55 Ironside Cres, Unit 6, Scarborough, ON

AVOID THIS MOVING COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!! Here is my story: We set everything up with TROY TRANSPORTATION and they were going to come pick our stuff up on a specific day between 12-2pm; they arrived at 4pm with no phone call or apologies, and the movers were quite unfriendly. They did not wrap any of our stuff up for protection except for one glass table. The estimation based on how much stuff we had was $500. When moving day came, the stuff arrived at our place on time (September 9) except they forgot our carpet somewhere apparently the warehouse. The furniture that we did get arrived damaged (wood tables were all chipped up and scratched). The estimation of $500 turned into $1066. We called the place at the end of September, when they said the missing carpet would arrive, and they said that the truck broke down half way. Sounded a bit fishy. They then said it should arrive in another 2 weeks after that. Two weeks later, still no carpet. We then started talking with a new employee who said “we have located your carpet in Vancouver” (the place that the stuff was being moved from). I guess the truck that broke down half-way turned around back to Vancouver with all of the stuff. It was then mid November and we were told the carpet should arrive at the end of November for whatever excuse. No carpet arrived at the end of November. We were then promised that the carpet would be here in the first week of December on a Sunday. No carpet arrived because apparently the driver was in Fernie, BC. We were then promised again that the carpet would arrive on December 12. The carpet did not arrive until the 13th of December, three months later than we were told and over 30 phone calls later. The most aggravating drawn out process I’ve ever experienced with a moving company. Obviously this company lacks in management skills. All that they were willing to refund of the $1066 was 50 dollars. I STRONGLY ADVISE NOT USING THIS COMPANY!!!

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Dear Customer, Troy Moving would like to thank you for your business. We appreciate your feedback and understand that you were not happy with some aspects of the move. We admit that your item was mislocated, however found and re-delivered to you at a later date. The delay was a bit longer than anticipated, which we apologize for, however sometimes some delays are beyond our control. As a gesture of our appreciation of your business, Troy Moving would still like to offer you a refund/compensation for our delay. Please accept our apologies and contact our office for further details. Troy Transportation Moving and Storage Services would like to sincerely thank you for your business, and we look forward to hearing from you. Troy Moving Team

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