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Apr 13, 2012, Toronto

STOP RIGHT NOW, and don't look a second further for the most amazing crew of guys to take care of your precious stuff. I had the most unbelieveable set of circumstances present to me just before my move. I called Ken to arrange for his crew to come and move my house, but what I didn't expect was the kind of care and consideration I recieved from these fantastic guys. Devonte is unbelieveable. These guys are smart, funny, tension-relieving... and really, really nice. I underestimated the size of my move, and so had to call on them a second time to help move my "too-much-stuff" into a storage locker.... And guess what? They came, and smiled, and "took care of business"... they are awesome. Devonte is a Master and Commander of his crew... really, really considerate and understanding of what we go through at times like this. HIRE THESE GUYS... you won't be disappointed. Promise. I'd never consider anyone else... (not looking to move again any time soon, but if I had to, I know who I'd call!)... Awesome experience.

Company Response:

Wow Sara! Thank you so very much for such a thoughtful and awesome review. Also thank your for the kindness and hospitality you shown the crew. It was our pleasure coming back out a second time to complete your move to see it thru. thanks again and all the best!!

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