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Komandor doors in condo.


A review for Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc

Jan 08, 2012, TORONTO

I recently renovated my small condo and I wanted to replace the cheap glass sliding doors in my hallway and the plywood closets in bedroom. I happened to find Komandor because they were across the street from where I was getting my car serviced. I had been looking for a while for a company to install closet shelving and doors but the doors I found were quite generic. I decided upon Ikea shelving but had Komandor install sliding doors. I chose the painted glass in high gloss white with birch panels and aluminum trim. Beautiful!! My condo looks more upscale. Also, I have to say the service was very attentive and professional. Louise was available saturdays and from home. She had good ideas for the design. Initially, I balked at the price tag but the quality is superior than other companies. I definitely will use this company again. Thank-you.

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