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kitchen, living room and bedroom window replacements


A review for Hometech Windows and Doors

Dec 14, 2011, SHERWOOD PARK

Hometech sales and installation personnel were most accommodating and offered a competitive price for a superior product. Our request to replace dated and innefficient sliding aluminum windows to double low-E side casements with a fixed central window in a bow design was readily quoted and professionally installed. We have since benefitted from year-round efficiencies, and comfort attributed to the double low-E feature. The interior sill and shelf has allowed our window plants to flourish throughout the year. We were so pleased with Hometech's product, price and performance that we invited and accepted quotes on replacement of our living room and bedroom windows that same year (2007). Again we were able to incorporate modifications to the original installations; and by purchasing a mix of fixed, casement and sliding vinyl inserts we saved on time, cost and structural aspects of each unit. It is such a treat not having to use a ladder to access and clean the second storey windows any longer. We have since recommended Hometech to friends and neighbours, several of whom have undertaken similar retrofits.

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