About HomeStars

HomeStars is a free service to help homeowners find verified and community-reviewed home service professionals for their home improvement needs.

HomeStars is Canada’s largest network of verified and community-reviewed home service professionals. Whether you’re starting a major renovation or just need a small repair, we have pros across Canada to help you accomplish your project. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to hire right the first time, for every home improvement project.

The Tools You Need to Hire Right

Trust Metrics

Before hiring, check each company’s profile for a high Star Score and a Verification badge.

Read & Share Reviews

Search for a company to read their reviews and see photos of past projects.

Find Pros in Your Area

When you’re ready to start your project, connect with pros near you for quotes.

Through the Years


HomeStars Founded

A new way for homeowners to find home service pros for their project needs. We took the power of word-of-mouth reviews online to enable homeowners to share their experiences and provide valuable feedback to help others hire right the first time.


HomeStars Best of Awards Created

This prestigious award was created to honour home service pros that go above and beyond and provide exceptional service and project execution. Look for a Best of Awards badge on company profiles to know you’re hiring a winning company.


HomeStars First Office Opened

A growing team needs a place to work! Our beautiful first office in downtown Toronto has since expanded but we remain in the same building.


Pros Business App Released

Enabling home service pros to be connected to HomeStars tools and homeowners on the go. Homeowners and pros can now connect instantly.


Star Score Implemented

Star Score changed the way service pros were rated, enabling homeowners to get a deep look into the company. Star Score looks at four key metrics: Rating, Recency, Reputation and Responsiveness.


Verification Badge Created

Pros with this badge on their profile have passed our rigorous screening process, including a criminal and credit check. This new process enables homeowners to hire safer than ever before.


HomeStars Acquired

A huge accomplishment for the entire company. ANGI Homeservices is the global leader in home improvement. Being a part of the world’s largest digital marketplace for home services enables us to give homeowners and our pros more support and resources than ever before.


Get a Quote Feature Released

A new matching tool that instantly connects project-ready homeowners to service pros in their area. Homeowners can get up to 3 quotes in minutes and directly chat to the pros.


First National TV Advertising Campaign Launched

For the first time ever, HomeStars is now on your TV and in your home. Reaching more Canadians than ever before to help spread the word about hiring right the first time.

Photo of Nancy Peterson

Nancy Peterson

Nancy started HomeStars in 2006 after struggling through her own home renovation. She wanted to create something that would allow homeowners to find and hire the best home service pro for their home improvement projects.

Her business concept was simple: take word-of-mouth online and enable homeowners to share their home improvement experiences virtually. In 2006, she left a senior position at Kraft to start her own company.

15 years later, HomeStars is Canada’s #1 platform connecting homeowners with community-reviewed and verified home service pros across the nation.

Our Dream Team
Behind the Scenes

It takes a lot of amazing people to make HomeStars what it is. From our dedicated Account Managers helping our home service pros get maximum exposure for their businesses, to our devoted engineering team always working to build new features for our homeowners, there are countless people who put in effort and hard work.

We are a group of people who are passionate about helping homeowners connect with the right home service pro for their project. Interested in joining us? Search our open positions now.

HomeStars Dream Team