Soundproofing in Plaisance, QC

There are various ways you can soundproof your home - you can add a rug or carpet in the room to dampen the noise or add an extra layer of drywall in your home. For the latter, we recommend hiring a home service pro to get the job done.

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Published: 06/12/2019
Clera updated all the exterior windows and doors as a subcontractor on one of my projects. They completed the installation in a timely, professional manner. New products look great!
Published: 06/08/2019
It was quick and clean! Very nice job. They were professional. Good customer service. Affordable price.
Published: 06/08/2019
Had 5 windows installed, brick to brick. The crew did an excellent job and didn't rush, took the time to get it right, very happy with the results. Highly recommend