Trees, Shrubs and Hedges - Trim or Remove in Buckingham, QC

Trimming your trees, hedges and shrubs can help increase their longevity, as you can remove diseased parts and prevent them from spreading to a point where removal is mandatory. Please note that removing a tree stump completely can be very costly, as home service pros have to dig deep to discover the tree's entire root system.

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Published: 05/21/2019
This time, OTS removed a spruce growing too close to the house, a dead tree in the back, and trimmed my very tall hedge - it needed a bucket truck. A neat and professional job. I have been calling on OTS...
Published: 06/07/2019
I have used Campbell Tree Experts for about 8 years for pruning and removal of trees at my home. This spring’s work involved removing a very large Linden that had cracked over the winter and trimming a large locust. Removal involved getting...
Published: 06/15/2018
Campbell tree experts are Amazing the job done in a professional way.They are organized and well equipped.We are 100% satisfied it took 30 min.and when they leave everything is cleaned up.Thank you Glen and Lyne we will recommend your company...