Mosquito Control in Aylmer, QC

Mosquitos are a common problem in the household that should be taken care of immediately, as they can carry and transmit serious diseases like the West Nile Virus. Hire a home service pro to help eradicate the problem and ensure a safe and healthy environment at home.

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Published: 08/15/2019
John is calm and consistent in his approach to removing critters. He is reliable, honest and prompt . I have had dealt with him for more than 10 years on several properties, and have never been disappointed with his service....
Published: 07/09/2019
They came and installed the boxes with poison quick and efficiently and were extremely friendly and easy to work with! Thank you Go!
Published: 07/07/2019
installed a trap door to catch the varmint once gone. we placed a sausage one day, and bacon two days later. it finally came out on day 4 with three little raccoons. it probably was female, gave birth before trap...