Drain Clog or Blockage - Clear in Aylmer, QC

The solution for drain clogs depends on the drain type - for example, you can usually use a plunger to fix minor sink and toilet clogs, but you may need to snake a tub drain to get rid of unwanted hair and soap scum. To unclog floor drains, you may need an electric power auger.

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Published: 08/07/2019
A blocked drain caused our laundry sink to overflow during a load and partially flood the basement. DS (Out of this World) was the second company I called (in a panic). I was impressed with the person I spoke to...
Published: 08/11/2019
We were experiencing some back up of water into the set tub when the kitchen sink or dishwasher drained. Our technician took photos, inspected the pipes and ran some tests before giving us the estimate. In hindsight, given...
Published: 07/30/2019
Had a backed up toilet and also had water emerging from basement drain. Technician did diagnosis, figured out problems, provided an estimate and then completed the work. Very professional, helpful, friendly and competent. Was very pleased with the work and...