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According to experts, acoustic ceiling tiles should be cleaned every 18 months. Home service pros usually spray the ceiling with an enzyme detergent containing hydrogen peroxide, which cannot be found in your average home improvement store.

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Published: 08/18/2019
It’s good we like the cleaners they do best job and plus they come on time and do the best job as much as they can likely no complain they know exactly what they are doing.
Published: 09/16/2019
A team of 3 friendly professional cleaners showed up at my house on a Monday morning. I have a 3bdr townhouse with 2.5 bathrooms. In no time, these women were up and cleaning throughout my house. From...
Published: 09/06/2019
Was putting the house up for sale and had them come in for a deep cleaning. The house sold in 24hours so guess they did a great job... I appreciated they had me do a walk through and quickly addressed...