Lawn Care - Fertilize or Treat a Lawn in Woodbridge, ON

Experts recommend applying fertiliser to your lawn after it has been mowed, so that it has enough time for full absorption. You should also water the lawn a day or two before fertilising the lawn and water lightly again after it is applied.

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Published: 05/23/2019
I got in touch with lawn savers a little over a year ago after moving into a new house in late summer. The house had been empty for sometime and the backyard had more weeds than grass and the interlocks...
Published: 05/24/2019
Another great spring clean-up from Greenbloom Landscape Design. Andrew, Zac and Willow arrived in the morning and set up with their equipment. They collected branches, vines and twigs from the yard (about 40 by 20 feet) and bagged it all...
Published: 08/20/2018
I contacted Greenbloom Landscaping to roto-till my front yard, smooth out the grade on the hilly portion of the garden and dig a trench along the side of the garden. The workers arrived with nothing more than their spades and...