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To ensure a safe and healthy environment at home, air ducts and vents should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years. If you notice visible mold growth or a lot of dust buildup, your air duct and vents are due for a cleaning. Hire a home service pro to get the job done right.

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Published: 04/11/2019
This is my 3rd time using Cosmopolitan. In 2009 they installed a new furnace, tankless water heater and A/C in my old house. In 2015 they repaired and eventually replaced the A/C in my current house. This March they replaced...
Published: 05/16/2019
The guys were awesome! Second time I’ve used them, and same two that did my previous home. Very informative and knowledgeable team. Cleanly as well. They put everything back into place and cleaned up any mess that was made.
Published: 05/16/2019
The Orsan Air team did a great job. They showed up on time and left no mess.