Popcorn Acoustic Ceiling Texture - Apply, Repair or Remove in Walden, ON

Popcorn ceilings have a bumpy appearance, as they are textured with materials like Styrofoam and Stucco. Before conducting any repair work, do be sure to hire a home service pro to inspect your ceiling for asbestos, as this could be a serious health hazard for homeowners.

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Published: 04/09/2019
All the work scheduled for this project was completed on time and with no surprises. The workmanship was excellent and the final result was excellent. David and his team completed everything on budget and we were very satisfied with the...
Published: 03/20/2019
We scheduled this project to be completed while we were out of town. It made us a bit nervous to not be there overseeing the work, but quickly realized upon our return that our fears were unfounded. The work was...
Published: 03/11/2019
My husband and I are in love with the look of our fireplace. I would highly recommend Stone Selex to any one. We receive a lot of compliments. Thank you