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To make your garage look clean and organised, try installing a shovel rack to store all your tools. You can also improve the aesthetic appearance by applying a fresh coat of paint or using floor tiles to cover your walls. Hire a home service pro to help organise your garage.

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Published: 01/07/2019
Zion customized an amazing garbage bin for us in 2015. It's working like a charm and I just love the aesthetic. The perfect way to hid those big TO bins. In 2017 our bin got driven into (and mostly survived)....
Published: 03/21/2019
Clare is fantastic...the ultimate organizer! She is efficient and completely accommodating to all requests (even the really ridiculous ones!) and always with a smile. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Next Step Forward to anyone needing help organizing...
Published: 03/05/2019
My husband and I had finally decided to move from our house to a Condo, but after 40 years of living in our home we had no idea where to begin. That is where Clare of “...