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Maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of a central vacuum - you should run a knife over the bristles occasionally to make sure nothing is caught up in them. You should also change the paper liners every few months and cloth liners every 5-7 years.

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Published: 04/01/2019
Marco is a really great guy to work with, he strives to understand his customer's needs and ensure that he assists his customers in finding the best product for their individual needs. After sourcing a great vacuum for us, he...
Published: 04/21/2019
We purchased a new Beam central vac to replace our old one a month ago. Bill was very helpful with the diy installation, even providing us with the tubing to attach the new vacuum where the old one had...
Published: 04/08/2019
I had dropped in to Etobicoke service centre about a year ago to get a couple of replacement parts for the wall receptacles and at the time Bill noted that it might be time to replace our unit. We recently...