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If your electric boiler is producing little to no heat, it may be due to a broken part in the heating element. Other possible factors include a lack of maintenance, high water pressure or improper settings. Hire a home service pro to get your water boiler checked out.

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Published: 02/21/2019
Dryer kept shutting off mid cycle, technician checked the machine and gave it a good cleaning and now it works. Tech came on time and worked quick.
Published: 12/18/2018
My old rental tank was $39 every 3 months. Serviceman said I needed a new one but it would be $50 rather than $39 but I would save the difference in energy efficiency. I signed the contract. I am now...
Published: 09/18/2018
Solicited my elderly mother by phone and talked her into changing her filtration system and hot water tank when she owned them and they were working fine. They removed both and put in a new hot water tank that requires...