Seamless Metal Gutters - Repair in Vero Beach, ON

The solution to repairing seamless gutters changes depending on the size of the hole - if the hole is smaller than a nail hole, some roofing cement or silicone caulk will do the trick. If it is larger than a nail hole, you will need a piece of flashing to fix it.

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Published: 12/08/2019
This November I contacted Oleg from Home Vision because I discovered that, although there are three downspouts at my home, all the water from rainstorms was draining down a single downspout. As a result, the rain water was...
Published: 12/07/2019
Mark and his crew replaced the eaves on our home downtown Toronto. Communication with the company was very good. After speaking to Mark's father by phone, Mark stopped by to take a look at our home and provide a quote....
Published: 11/13/2019
Ontario Downspout Service was a delight to deal with. Professional all the way, from the quotation and recommendations to the work and complete clean-up. Our new eaves look beautiful.