Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit - Install in Vero Beach, ON

A pre-fabricated fireplace is made from metal and is more affordable than a traditional masonry fireplace, but may also be less sturdy due to the nature of the material. To ensure maximum safety, hire a home service pro to install it correctly in your home.

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Published: 11/26/2019
I hired Jeff to service my gas fireplaces .Jeff is a very pleasant man .He was knowledgeable and told me how he services and why he was doing a certain task. He answered all my questions. Both fireplaces were...
Published: 12/02/2019
Our gas fireplace stopped working. We do not use it often. After checking that it was not a fuse, we contacted Mr. Heat Mechanical. They were able to send a technician from their offices in Richmond Hill that morning. He...
Published: 10/23/2019
We had a challenge with our gas fire place and did not work a few years ago. I started to search and a few technicians came and gave us a quote. Some of them said we need to change the...