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You can't put a price on safety - to prevent fires at home, experts recommend testing your smoke alarms at least once a month and replace the batteries at least twice a year. Hire a home service pro to ensure your smoke alarms are installed properly.

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Published: 11/27/2019
Work was ordered by CLIHN Ontario Health, this company provided outstanding services. Staff is very attentive, knowledgeable, good time management skills, polite. Lisa, supervisor, was able to organize multiple services for same day. This cleaning project must be done urgently...
Published: 09/25/2019
Today i called Restoration 1 Toronto about a difficult water damage problem on the Front Porch of mu 110 year old Home. Mario came out early afternoon today and told me what the problem was & how to correct it. i...
Published: 03/09/2019
Our basement flooded from melting snow, Restoration 1 was one of three quotes we obtained. They suggested and did remove all damaged materials - luckily in our case just the carpet underpad (and they took the materials with them...