Historical Restoration in Ulster, ON

If you're looking to restore a historical structure, hire a home service pro to get the job done. The process will be handled with extra care and services usually include window restoration, glass repair, door hardware refurbishment and foundation repairs.

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Published: 06/11/2019
Straight Up says it all. Highly professional, very courteous. Responded quickly when I had to revise the scope of my work to match my budget. I will absolutely use them again when needed.
Published: 05/14/2019
The brick column supporting the front porch of my house was on a lean when I bought the house, with the wood beam on the opposite lean supporting the porch roof. It was pretty precarious, to say the least. I...
Published: 05/06/2019
For some time, every time we had a heavy rain, I would find wap vvter in my basement, but not on the floor. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out where the water was coming from. ...