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People often overlook the importance of lighting interior design - other than functionality, it can really help set the mood in a room. Light up your room with the help of a home service pro.

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Published: 06/13/2019
Potlight Experts did a great job with the installation. They also gave me great advice on where to install them and why (and they were right!), the colour to go with and the importance of getting an ESA inspection. The...
Published: 06/07/2019
Two lovely gentlemen arrived and got to work right away. They covered everything up for me so that my furniture and clothes didn't get dusty or dirty. They installed a ceiling fan and 2 wall outlets for my...
Published: 05/23/2019
My office's ceiling fan was dangerously dangling by its wires. Quality Potlight came in and fixed it promptly, with no mess, and a reasonable price. Thank you so much. Can't recommend them enough for quick repairs like these.