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Other than chemicals, pets can help control pest problems at home as well - for example, cats can help catch rats, while dogs can sniff out bed bugs and birds can take care of insects. For a fully controlled method, hire a home service pro to get rid of your pest problem.

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Published: 07/03/2022
Carlo and Bob showed up within a few hours and dealt with the pesky birds in 10 minutes or less. They sprayed the area, relocated the nest and installed the bird spikes. Amazing same-day service. Thanks!
Published: 08/11/2022
Peter is thorough, professional, and effective. Of the various wasp control specialists with whom I spoke, he was the only one to recommend examining and sealing potential entry points inside of the house (where the wasps could be entering and...
Published: 07/24/2022
Peter did very good job, communication was easy and the results were as expected. Would definitely recommend his services.