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Strong scents such as peppermint and ammonia are known to naturally repel mice - even moth balls and fabric softener sheets can help to keep those pesky rodents away. However, if the situation gets out of hand, we recommend hiring a home service pro to take care of it right away.

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Published: 09/22/2023
Jake is here working as I am typing this review ! He has done a thorough check for compromised areas and any possible areas of concern. Since I will be having new eavestroughs, soffit and fascia installed in the coming...
Published: 09/16/2023
We had 2 instances where we had to call Pesticon to remove wasps within a couple of weeks of each other in two different places. Pesticon responded quickly and had a removal technician come very quickly. He was fast, friendly...
Published: 09/11/2023
Imran came to treat a wasp nest that was on top of my garage. On time, super knowledgeable and professional. Would recommend!