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Strong scents such as peppermint and ammonia are known to naturally repel mice - even moth balls and fabric softener sheets can help to keep those pesky rodents away. However, if the situation gets out of hand, we recommend hiring a home service pro to take care of it right away.

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Published: 04/17/2019
Just two visits and treatments and the problem of dissolving the critters was short of miraculous.. Not one trace left, and there were literally thousands of them hiding in the lining of my box springs, which we disposed into the...
Published: 06/12/2019
Whole house. Inside and outside. Khayyam was fantastic, quick and diligent. Thank you and will defn be using again in 6 month =)
Published: 06/11/2019
I had an issue with racoons on my attic all through winter. I called this emergency 24hr company to have them assist as the racoons were building holes and actually babies falling from my roof. The pest control agent I...