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If you have an old home, chances are it isn't earthquake proof. To retrofit your home, home service pros first inspect how the wooden framing is attached to the concrete foundation, as the wooden framing can easily slide off and cause heavy damage to your home during an earthquake.

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Published: 03/09/2019
Excellent work in few hours. My walk in closet was a mess and after Andrews work I can now find everything. It took approximately 6 hours to complete work and I couldn't be happier.
Published: 05/30/2019
We engaged Hamid based on the positive HomeStars reviews in Oct/18. We made staged payments totaling $2500 to Hamid at various stages. We went back and forth on design drawings and left off with the city sending us comments...
Published: 03/27/2019
Hamid was excellent to work on my extensive home renovation project. I removed walls, changed load bearing beams, enlarged 4 windows and created a legal second unit dwelling (basement apartment). It took 3 months to finalize my drawings. Hamid was patient...