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When waterproofing the basement, it is important to determine whether the water source is coming from indoors or outdoors. To discover the source, try taping aluminum foil to your basement wall - moisture on the outer surface shows the problem is indoor-related, while moisture behind the foil indicates that the problem is outdoor-related.

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Published: 05/10/2019
Work very well done ,Cost for the work was reasonable . I did recommend the firm to a friend from Embrun ,who was to contact the firm for an estimate.I was very satisfied with the services provided on two occasions .
Published: 03/17/2019
F.M. Foundations did a great job repairing our basement leak problem. They excavated down to the footings, repaired weeping tile and clad the foundation in a waterproof membrane then neatly restored the excavation ensuring proper grade for the water...
Published: 03/15/2019
Prompt estimate. Job done as and when promised. Very neat, worksite was cleaned up and left in good condition. Great to have the job done and done well.