Excavation - Major Grading or Resloping in Preston Hollow, ON

If your home has an improper slope, it could lead to serious foundation issues for your home and create difficult to maintain areas. Unfortunately resloping a lawn tends to be pricey and the price range depends on factors such as soil quality, yard size and erosion control.

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Published: 11/04/2018
I knew I needed a new roof (and for this reason, I never called my insurer…if you are reading this, you may want to consider calling yours, especially if there is sudden/accidental damage to your roof). I also purposely...
Published: 12/06/2018
We had a large concrete pool (37x200). Michael worked long and hard and got the job done in 3 days. He is a professional and has all the right equipment to get the job done. He is very personable and...
Published: 11/27/2018
We had Michael and his team remove and fill in our inground pool. They did an amazing job and worked extremely hard, including very carefully saving some of our trees and bushes close to the pool that we wanted to...