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Maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of a central vacuum - you should run a knife over the bristles occasionally to make sure nothing is caught up in them. You should also change the paper liners every few months and cloth liners every 5-7 years.

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Published: 11/30/2018
I had a very stubborn clog in my central vacuum that Vacuums Plus cleared out without any issues. I attempted to remove it myself, including renting a 6.5HP shop vac, plumber snake, and electricians wire tape, but nothing was...
Published: 12/01/2018
We wanted to relocate our central vacuum from the garage. Based on a house visit, Javid provided us with excellent options to consider with a range of prices that would meet the objectives that we had described. We chose...
Published: 10/10/2018
Due to a previous Contractor's error, my central vacuum was having poor suction. City Vacuum was able to detect the problem quickly, and did a very good maintenance and repair of the unit. Javid was very professional. He was...