Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit - Install in Lake Ronkonkoma, ON

A pre-fabricated fireplace is made from metal and is more affordable than a traditional masonry fireplace, but may also be less sturdy due to the nature of the material. To ensure maximum safety, hire a home service pro to install it correctly in your home.

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Published: 08/15/2019
Air Conditioning pooped out. Doing my own meticulous and detailed analysis, I was pretty sure it was either a seized Flummox Arm or a scorched Johnson Rod on the outer Flemson Valve. Just for the hell of it, I called in...
Published: 07/23/2019
Air Quality Dunrite installed a new furnace and duct work in our home today. This was our first experience working with MARCELLO and his team of amazing technicians. Keith Nick and Dane did a fantastic job. ...
Published: 06/26/2019
The Air Quality Dunrite crew listened carefully to my exact specifications with regard to where I wanted the air conditioning unit located. They executed my instructions to the very letter. They also tuned up my furnace. The humidifier pad had...