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A water dock may seem like a relatively simple structure to build, but factors like the lake's bottom and shoreline layout may affect the design and stability of the dock. When in doubt, hire a home service pro to save time and energy on this project.

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Published: 08/15/2019
Great! Fighting the weather the entire install, bit cramped in our yard,permits, my personality, etc...Bob handled it all well. Very positive professional attitude with a good eye to customer service. Want a good , tough long lasting deck? Better call...
Published: 06/27/2019
Right from the start we dealt with Bob who was extremely helpful, and from there Fred, Art and Adam did a magnificent job on installing our new composite deck, working through terrible weather to complete it in a timely manner. Shirley-Ann...
Published: 06/14/2019
Amazingly knowledgeable sales woman Charleigh worked up an estimate in March to replace the old deck on the home I had moved in to last September. I had asked for a Cadillac deck with gazebo, top of the line...