Major Renovation - Multiple Rooms in Hazeldean, ON

Experts recommend renovating multiple rooms at once, as it is more time efficient and could potentially cost less than renovating the rooms separately. Home service pros can take care of the set up and breakdown for multiple rooms and get everything done at once.

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Published: 10/18/2018
We hired Renos Group to renovate our basement this past summer. (Removing some existing walls, rewiring, new ceiling and flooring, redoing bathroom and creating new storage areas) When still at the stage of getting estimates and coming up with design...
Published: 05/04/2019
Ochil Renovations was available to do a handful of repairs and upgrades prior to listing our house for sale. The work was high quality and the painting was outstanding. There was no bleeding at any edges or splatter. Walls that...
Published: 04/11/2019
Following an unexpected asbestos abatement, we were left with walls that requires soundproofing and no ceilings whatsoever. We were also crunched for time; and I was in my first role as homeowner/general contractor. It was a perfect storm for chaos....