Landscape - Minor Grading or Resloping in Grand Valley, ON

Homeowners tend to reslope their land for practical purposes, such as reshaping the existing earth to install a driveway or leveling your house for foundation purposes. Since regrading and resloping require specific equipment, we recommend hiring a home service pro.

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Published: 05/17/2019
This is the first company I have ever used for something like this, having been a "self serve" kind of person before. After re-sodding the lawn a couple years back I wanted to keep it looking new. Their service is as advertised....
Published: 05/17/2019
Reliable and dedicated to customer service - have been with Hometurf for several years and have had no problems or issues with this company - would recommend over other lawn services
Published: 05/16/2019
This company has been a pleasant surprise after the previous company we had used. This is our 2nd year using Hometurf, and we are noticing an improvement in the appearance of our lawn. We ordered the complete package and...