Water Softener Install in Downsview, ON

Hard water can be problematic at home, as it can clog pipes, leave water spots and make it harder to dissolve soap and detergent in water. Hire a home service pro to help install a water softener at home and make your life easier.

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Published: 10/22/2018
This company did a great job for us. They were very good at explaining my furnace options and information about getting the maximum rebate offered. The installers were very clean and punctual. I have a will continue to recommend them...
Published: 09/10/2019
I was in the market for a water softener and was bent on a particular model. I found Dave from watermart through Google and he explained to me all the ins and outs of softener ownership. He gave me a...
Published: 09/06/2019
We had a water softener system installed after purchasing a new laundry machine and seeing that the problem of musty smelling clothes wasn't resolved. After only a few days, our clothes smell fresh, there are no more residue stains on...